The beautiful coastal city is located in the Illawarra region, 82 km south of Sydney. With a population of about 200,000, it is the third largest city in New South Wales (after Sydney and Newcastle) and the ninth largest in Australia. Wollongong is renowned for its artistic prowess. For centuries, many world-renowned artists have visited the area seeking inspiration. It boasts numerous exhibitions and famous galleries, with the Wollongong Art Gallery being one of the largest and most vibrant in Australia. The city is also known for its many festivals and cultural events, notably the annual Viva La Gong and Illawarra festivals, which attract a large number of residents and tourists alike.
Prominently set on the lush green lawn of Flagstaff Hill (where the flagpole stands at the entrance to the harbor), is a large white lighthouse and skilled sailors looking out to sea. From the hilltop, one can see the entire coastal skyline bustling with activity. Strong winds and crashing waves make for a lively waterfront scene. On this side is a rocky bay, another smaller lighthouse, and a fishing port. The harbor is bustling at night but quiet during the day, especially on rainy days when the sea is rough. On the opposite side is a beautiful, expansive white sand beach in a large crescent shape—a popular spot for enthusiasts of water sports.

Originally a military camp from 1829, Wollongong's port was built in 1834 by 300 convicts. The first rows of houses were built, unique for being surrounded by "fortifications" of green trees. The skilled sailors were stationed on Flagstaff Hill from October 1880. As part of Wollongong's port defense line, they could fire special shells (without explosives) weighing 31kg, reaching distances of 1,600 meters. In 1890, to counter the Russians, a 5.3-ton skilled sailor was sunk into the hillside, next to the flagpole. All have been restored and displayed here since the heritage week of 1983.

These historical meanings only add to the allure of the harbor and Wollongong city.


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