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Australia, spanning over 7.7 million km², has many beautiful and world-famous scenic spots. Let's explore Australia with Viet Booking!

VBooking is wonderful

Let's explore some testimonials from our satisfied customers with VBooking.

Mrs ISABELLA -Adelaide

It was wonderful for our vacation! The house was clean, spacious, and just as beautiful as in the advertisement. There were some visible signs of general wear and tear, but none of these affected our comfortable stay. The kitchen was well-equipped with utensils, from chopsticks to pots and pans, cups and glasses - especially the bottle of Rose wine that Hao prepared! The entire experience was fantastic and I will definitely return :)

Mrs LI LY from Sài Gòn

Two weeks in Melbourne was a wonderful experience. I visited many unique places that I didn't see on the itineraries of other travel companies. I explored life in Melbourne as a potential future home for my family. I love photography, and Tony took many excellent photos. Melbourne has many more beautiful sights, and I look forward to booking with VBooking again to discover even more. See you in the next time!

Mr Ho and his son Moore

Taking the whole family to explore Australia was a very exciting experience, especially since VietBooking arranged the trip according to our family’s preferences. My children loved cuddling the gentle, adorable kangaroos and feeding them by hand. My favorite part was crabbing and shrimp fishing—extremely rare experiences that I and many others cannot find in my country. VietBooking was very enthusiastic and accommodating in organizing the perfect tour