Lake Entrance Trip


Located approximately 300km from Melbourne, the towns of Lakes Entrance and Kalimna in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland are fantastic destinations.

There are many spacious and beautiful caravan parks where you can relax comfortably and stroll through lush green hills and forests.


The beaches are stunning, with warm sunshine attracting many people for swimming and leisure activities.

Along the roads, you'll find many charming and artistic fish sculptures and shops selling all sorts of fishing gear. There are numerous ideal spots for fishing. At McLoughlins Beach Jetty, during low tide, you can collect pipis on the beach within the allowed limit of 5kg.



Fishing with crab nets is also a very impressive pastime. Dusk is the ideal time to use a torch to catch shrimp.

Another unique sight is the large swans leisurely strolling around, sometimes following people. They swim diligently, searching for food in the sea before returning to rest on the sandy beaches. The pelicans are also large and more abundant. They wander around the fishing port, where people fish and catch pipis, occasionally taking off and enhancing the picturesque landscape with their graceful flights.

The playful dolphins swim back and forth, occasionally showing off their large black fins and long, soft tails bobbing above the water's surface. These are special dolphins found only in this coastal area...

It's truly impressive and wonderful; if you have the opportunity, you should definitely experience it!



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