Discover Adelaide part 2

Port Adelaide

Located about 14 km from the city center, Port Adelaide is renowned for its museums, restaurants, and heritage buildings that reflect the early prosperity of Adelaide. In this coastal area, you have the chance to see dolphins up close and visit museums with numerous fascinating artifacts and relics.


Victor Harbor

Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Victor Harbor, located about 60 km from Adelaide. Relax in the park, enjoy delicious foods, participate in fun games, or ride horses or camels along the beautiful coastline.



A very unique destination is Hahndorf, just under 30 minutes' drive from Adelaide along winding roads through the hills. This beautiful town is a National Heritage Site of Australia, often referred to as the "German Village." Here, you will experience many interesting aspects of German culture, cuisine, and festivals on Australian soil.

When this continent was still a British colony, an area was designated for free European immigrants. Adelaide was the center, around which ethnic communities gradually formed, with the most notable being the German Village. From the first few dozen families, it has now grown to hundreds of households in a clean, orderly village, a "mini-German society" with most income coming from tourism.
On the main street, numerous busy shops offer more than just coffee and light drinks. You can enjoy many delicious and unique dishes, especially the famous oven-roasted pork knuckle and German sausages. Even familiar foods like chips (French fries) or mashed potatoes have a distinct and delicious flavor here.

Each meal in Hahndorf is quite hefty for the average person. The giant German hotdogs will surprise you, especially after you’ve had one of the substantial meals mentioned above!

The beer and wine are exceptional. Enjoy German beer, apple cider, gin, and various high-quality spirits produced by local "micro-breweries."


Hahndorf attracts visitors year-round, maintaining a festive and lively atmosphere. The streets are decorated with many amusing figures. Some restaurants prepare delicious dishes or baked goods right at the entrance, delighting visitors with the vibrant "kitchen" scene. Staff in historical costumes busily attend to guests amid lively music.

Many quiet yet equally appealing shops sell local handcrafted items, from candles, soap, and scented sachets to cheese made from cow and goat milk, as well as souvenirs and decorations made from fabric, wood, and metal.

In the food stores, you'll find a variety of produce under the Beerenberg brand. You can visit their farm to experience the impressive farming process, pick strawberries, and buy farm products.


Strolling around the town, you can admire ancient architecture, quiet narrow streets, and dream-like garden houses. Visit The Cedars with its serene beautiful garden, the residence, and studio of famous Australian painter Hans Heysen and his daughter Nora Heysen.

When you visit Hahndorf, you can have your own experiences and add many more interesting details to this story!


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