Lakes Entrance and Royal Cave

Located about 300 km northeast of Melbourne, Lakes Entrance offers a wealth of fascinating experiences. One particularly impressive destination is Royal Cave, one of three caves in Royal Park—an expansive primeval forest featuring Carnaval Park, appealing camping and picnic areas.

Through a small entrance, a young guide leads visitors into the heart of the mountain. The narrow path winds up and down between rock walls. Overhead, the jagged rock dome occasionally dips low, requiring visitors to bend over to pass. Unlike the wide caves often found in other place, the walls here are adorned with a vast array of stalactites in various shapes and unusual natural colors. The lights illuminate the path as you go, highlighting the quartz rocks' natural, glistening beauty without the use of colored lights.

Occasionally, the path opens into a larger space where the guide provides information. As you venture deeper into the mountain, the scenery becomes even more enchanting. After traversing more than 500 meters inside the mountain, you exit at a different point on the mountainside, then follow a gentle path leading down the mountain.



Along the way, you’ll also enjoy stunning views of hills and meadows. It's truly an impressive and wonderful experience!

From Lakes Entrance Town, it's only about a 50-minute drive to Royal Park. There are numerous tours throughout the day, each an hour apart. You need to book tickets online at least one day in advance.

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults: $23
  • Children: $14
  • Family (2 adults and 2 children): $65


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